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هسته ای

Nuclear Plant Health Assessment Systems

Nuclear Monitoring Experts

The monitoring of nuclear power plants and nuclear waste storage sites presents unique challenges that Smartec has successfully navigated for quite some time. Our instrumentation is used for real-time monitoring of the soil/structure of the power plant such as the reinforced ground under buildings (diaphragm walls),in containment vessels and in pipelines and in cooling towers.

Smartec offers a unique array of fiber optic sensors covering all leading sensing technologies and can assist you in identifying the best products for your project and budget.

Application Note Nuclear Power Plants

For any further questions, please contact Smartec's Nuclear Monitoring Specialists through our Inquiries Page.

Benefits of our Integrated Nuclear Power Plant Health Monitoring Solutions

Integrated solutions Provide integrated structural health monitoring solutions for nuclear power plants using advanced fiber-optic technologies and vibrating wire sensors. 

 Access data on structure behavior Log reliable data on foundations, structures and internal containment buildings.  
  Survey effects of environmental anomalies Monitor the structural impacts of earthquakes, ground movements, reactor issues, and pipeline leaks. 
 Preventive and proactive management Improve the control of budgets and plan for the unforeseen unavailability of the plant.

We are your trusted partner for monitoring instrumentation in all phases of a project ranging from system design, installation, commissioning and training.

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