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دستگاه ثبت داده های پرتابل مدل PFC12
دستگاه ثبت داده های پرتابل مدل PFC12
The model PFC-12 portable datalogger is designed to accurately read and record the data of all the TELEMAC vibrating wire sensors in sustained and damped modes. Sensors’ temperature can be read by measuring the resistance of the sensors’ hearing coil. The PFC-12 is equipped with a keyboard / LCD display, a serial port to connect to a PC, a Jaeger connector cable compatible with the Telemac sensor switch box, and a Jaeger adapter with alligator clips for direct connection to Telemac sensors. A rechargeable battery supplies the required power for more than a whole working day. The battery charge is displayed on the screen. The PFC-12 is enclosed in an ABS housing, which is shock-proof. The datalogger is also splash-proof once the cover is closed. An integrated speaker allows the user to hear the sensor wire’s oscillation.
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