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سیستم دماسنج دیجیتال

Digital ThermArray System

RST’s Digital ThermArray System provides precision thermal gradient information for geotechnical, geothermal, and marine applications. The main component of the system consists of digital thermal data acquisition nodes distributed along a single cable, typically spaced at uniform intervals. This digital technology allows for many nodes to be placed on one string without greatly increasing the overall cost. Data setup and collection is performed by a stationary datalogger system (typically an RST flexDAQ Datalogger System), a laptop or an Ultra-Rugged Field PC2 for portable readings. The Digital ThermArray System provides 2 substantial advantages that standard (non-digital) thermistor strings do not: 1) FIXED CABLE DIAMETER Regardless of the number of nodes required the digital thermistor string cable will always be at a fixed diameter of 7 mm (19 mm at node points). 2) ADDRESSABLE NODES Through the use of digital technology incorporated into each node along the ThermArray System thermistor string, every node can be individually addressed, and simultaneously read through the Ultra Rugged Field PC2 via a single connection. To view complete product specifications on the Digital ThermArray System click on the Download

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