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سیستم هیدرولیک / پنوماتیک

سیستم هیدرولیک / پنوماتیک 



To design foundations, embankments

and other soil structures, Geotechnical

Engineers require methods of assessing

the mechanical properties of soils.

For over 60 years Wykeam Farrance,

now incorporated in the CONTROLS

Group, has been at the forefront

of the development of test systems

designed to give engineers the information

they require.

Since the development of the first commercially

produced shear box machine

in the 1950s, we have been working

closely with leading Academics and

Universities to produce testing systems

that further advance the understanding

of soil mechanics.

The experimental investigation used

to determine the stress-strain relation

is usually carried out with triaxial

tests, where undisturbed soil specimen

are subjected to different stress levels

and drainage conditions to simulate

as close as possible the different situations

that can occur in the subsoil on

site because of the effect of building

constructions, excavations, tunnelling,


Our geotechnical division manufactures

a large sophisticated state of the

art range of triaxial equipment, which

is detailed above.




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